Friday, November 23, 2018

Number of Patients waiting in office now; feb 2020 Schedule

This the real-time graphic of number of patients waiting in the office in the last hour.

CLOSED for Christmas
REOPEN   FRI DEC 27 9am - 2 pm

We sell vaccines click on link

Dr. Pun's online store for service and vaccines.
  Dr. Pun's office April Schedule

Apr 01 Wed 9:00-7:00        四月一日 星期三 9:00-7:00

Apr 08 Wed 9:00-7:00        四月八日 星期三 9:00-7:00
Apr 15 Wed 9:00-7:00        四月十五日 星期三 9:00-7:00
Apr 29 Wed 9:00-7:00        四月二十九日  星期一 9:00-7:00

There is a $50 charge for missed appointment < 24 hour notice.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Please subscribe to Dr. Pun/ Dr. Lo's email service

Please subscribe to Dr. Pun/ Dr. Lo's email service.  $30 per person or $60 per family.  You can email for appointments and questions to the doctor.  Patients who have registered have found this service invaluable and even life-saving because it gives a direct connection to Dr. Pun.  This also gives your registration for the secure virtual "eVisit".

Thursday, October 11, 2018

FLushots are HERE

flushots are HERE!

Hepatitis A vaccine available now!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

eConsult is great

I've been using new eConsult for almost two month and it's very useful.  I get advice on-line from specialists!

I just made a presentation to OntarioMD EMR conference Sept 27. regarding usage of Lab Tests in  Electronic Medical Records.

eVisit will start next week.  Email me for your account!

Dr. Ian Pun physician...OSCAR EMR developer...applying Medical Informatics to your Healthcare...with artificial intelligence and machine learning

Friday, August 31, 2018

Patients currently waiting

To book appointment:
Dr. Pun's email address is and Dr. Lo's email address is   PLEASE DO NOT use nor These rogers / yahoo email ARE NO LONGER USED by Dr Pun nor Dr. Lo.

This is an actual real-time graph of the number of patients currently waiting in Dr. Pun / Dr. Lo's office over the last hour.


To book appointment:
Dr. Pun's email address is and Dr. Lo's email address is   PLEASE DO NOT use nor These rogers / yahoo email ARE NO LONGER USED by Dr Pun nor Dr. Lo.

Please join Dr Pun's  $30 email support membership ($60 for family of four)!  This fee involves unlimited DIRECT emailing to Dr. Pun / Dr. Lo for one whole year for you to ask ANY questions and to book appointments.  With your request, you also e-mail your lab reports back to you once we get them, usually within a day.  Some prescriptions may be even renewed on-line. This is a non-OHIP insured service. Very few physicians offer this type of non-OHIP insured service.  It is NOT meant for emergencies as e-mails will not be answered if we are busy with patients (usually during office hours).  But outside of office hours, Dr. Pun will try to answer your e-mail immediately usually within a day. Please sign an email consent when you are in the office. 

DR. PUN is programming ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE machine learning for his computer patient records to help him identify cancers, diabetes and heart disease.  With the help of my summer student, Hanna, we're trained the computer to identify A1C and diabetes (that's obvious).

There was a recent meningitis death of a teenage Asian undergrad student at University of Waterloo.  All undergrad students should get  the two different meningitis vaccines : men  ACYW and men B.  We have the new men B Trumenba vaccine in stock.

Also the new 99% effective SHINGLES vaccine for SHINGRIX ( for patients over 50) --  in stock!

Dr Ian Pun's Online Vaccine Store

Your patient records (Dr. Pun and Dr. Lo's) are stored in Dr. Pun’s private computer servers and are managed solely by Dr. Pun himself (no outside tech support). On occasion, we share information from the patient records with the Public Health, Hospitals and other consulting physicians in the interests of patient care. Your records will not be shared with other family members unless with your consent or if you are a minor.

We use high technology for your medical care :  electronic medical records with artificial intelligence, use of latest ultrasound scanning technologies like fibroscans, prevention of disease with necessary vaccines, e-prescribing of medications, photo documentation, e-consult with specialists, Optional E-mail online support (on-line advice and RX – with subscription fee).  Lab results are provided and reported to you via e-mail where possible.
NOT all medical services are COVERED BY OHIP.  Dr. Pun will inform you of extra costs.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Dr. Pun eConsult Telemedicine is here!

Dr. PUN   telemedicine  is ON LINE NOW!  email me for details

Dr. Pun and Dr. Lo can ask for ONLINE consultation advice from select specialists in Ontario through our NEW eConsult system by eHealth.   I actually get advice from specialists in 1 to 4 days!

Patients can't actually sign on yet.  This is an evolving system and right now only Dr. Pun/Dr. Lo can communicate with select specialists. We strive to bring patients the latest in technology to keep patients healthy.

Dr. Ian Pun / Dr. Christina Lo Family Practice Medical Office

TO BOOK APPOINTMENT - e-mail: OR call 416-848-7788 during office hours (please don't leave message!) Please book an appointment (walk-in's are only seen if there is free time)
address: 4040 Finch Ave E , Suite 302 (Finch and Kennedy , Scarborough)