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Doctors Fees, Terms and Conditions

If you want Email support:

Because of the volume of emails from patients, I kindly ask for a registration Email Fee (1 year of email contact with Dr. Pun) per person $30 or $60 for family of 4 (2 parents and children only) because this is an uninsured medical service (i.e. OHIP does not pay me for this)

Dr. Lo's EMAIL :    DR PUN ONLY :

I am sorry to impose this small fee due to the increasing costs in rent, upgrading and maintaining my medical and computer equipment - I installed a electronic medical record server system. All your records are available to me 24/7  - followed by the increased volume and demands of patients.

There are practically no other physicians that I know of that provide email support.

I will provide one complimentary email request before full payment.

You can pay in person by cash or cheque. Or paypal (+ $5 paypal SURCHARGE) or email interact (NO SURCHARGE) payment to

I will soon add a filter to my mailbox allowing only registered email support addresses to arrive at my mailbox . Others will go to my spam folder which I will only see on a weekly basis.

This fee is part of a block fee that is legally recognized by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

This fee is includes e-mail service provided by both Dr. Pun and/or Dr. Lo. We will not respond to any emails that are not registered with us.



由于要花费大量时间和精力回复病人的电子邮件, 而这是没有保险的医疗服务也就是说OHIP不会为此付钱给我, 诚请大家支付一定的邮件注册服务费 (包括与潘医生一年的邮件来往) 每人$30 一家四口$60 (只包括父母和小孩).

在收到全部付款前, 我将提供一次免费邮件服务.

因为日渐上涨的租金费, 维护和升级诊所的医疗器械和计算机设备, 还有日益增加的病人数量和需求, 我很抱歉不得不收取此费用.

据我所知, 没有任何其他医生提供邮件服务. 此费用是Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons 所认可的.

此费用包括潘医生和卢医生提供的邮件服务, 我们不会回复任何未注册的电子邮件.

This is a closed practice. We do not accept new patients except for the following patients. 

Dr. Pun will see referrals for Ministry of Transportation driver's exams , Dr. Raymond Stein's cataract preop exams referred by his secretary and patients for one time vaccines like Dukoral and Zostavax .  These are only one time use.

Please e-mail for authorization.

We absolutely do not accept any patients of other existing family doctors IN THE LOCAL AREA.

Dr. Lo will not accept any new patients or do female exams (pap smears) of patients from other family doctors.

We speak English , Cantonese and Mandarin that is improving over the years.

We use googletranslate for some Chinese translation.

我们不接受任何新病人, 但以下情况例外:

潘医生接受交通部司机考试常规体检和Dr. Raymond Stein 白内瘴手术所需的术前体检.


卢医生不接受任何新病人, 也不为任何其他家庭医生的女病人做妇科检查.

我们讲英语, 广东话和一些普通话.

Doctor's fees for services not OHIP covered

Sick notes (simple) $10
Disability forms $20 per page (must be our regular patient)
Sick letter $20
Driver's examination form only $40
Certify photocopied document $10 per page
Vaccine document translation $20
PSW forms/ education form $25


photocopy lab result 25 cents per page
Minor surgery - mole removal $50 each
Minor surgery - mole removal on face $70 each
wart treatment (cautery and/or cryofreeze and podofilm) $10 each wart per treatment (2-3 treatment needed for total $20-30)
Genital wart treatment (cautery and podofilm) $20 each
Skin tags $10 each
TENS treatment/simple acupuncture $10 each treatment

Minimum charge for uninsured patient $50 ; preop exam $80 ;drivers exam $80
Registration Email Fee (1 year of email contact with Dr. Pun) per person $30

Dr. Pun / Dr. Lo will inform you in advance if the service is covered under OHIP. Please ask the doctors if you have any questions.

We accept cash, cheque or Interac Email Money Transfer only. Receipts will be given if requested. Some services may be covered under private (or company) insurance plans. Ask your insurance broker or company. Receipt will be given upon request.

Some vaccines may be covered under your company insurance (usually up to 80%).

These fees are standard amounts according to the Ontario Medical Association and are non-negotiable.


Vaccine Zostavax for Shingles prevention - $200 - IN STOCK
Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer prevention - $185 each x 3 = IN STOCK
Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine for child over 2 months - 17 years old = $150 each
Menjugate C vaccine for child under 1 year old - $90 x 3 = $270 IN STOCK
Menveo ACYW vaccine for over 2 years old = $150 IN STOCK
Rotatrix (oral diarrhea vaccine for baby under 6months) FREE IN STOCK
Varicella chickenpox vaccine - $100 IN STOCK
Typhoid vaccine for travel - $35 each IN STOCK
Dukoral vaccine for traveller's diarrhea - $85 IN STOCK
Adacel (Tetanus, diptheria, pertussis) - FREE IN STOCK

Hepatitis A vaccine $60 x 2 = $120 IN STOCK
Hepatitis A vaccine for child (under 18 years old) $30 x 2 = $60 IN STOCK
Hepatitis B vaccine $30 x 3 = $90 IN STOCK
Combo hep A+B vaccine (Twinrix) $60 x 3 = $180 IN STOCK

for Hepatitis A vaccine we use these brands: Havrix, Vaqta or Avaxim.
for Hepatitis B vaccine, we use Engerix or Recombivax.

Gardisil cervical warts vaccine, prevents cervical cancer = $185x 3

Cash or cheque only on receipt of vaccine. No debit or credit card.

Dr. Ian Pun / Dr. Christina Lo Family Practice Medical Office

TO BOOK APPOINTMENT - e-mail: OR call 416-848-7788 during office hours (please don't leave message!) Please book an appointment (walk-in's are only seen if there is free time)
address: 4040 Finch Ave E , Suite 302 (Finch and Kennedy , Scarborough)