Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Patients currently waiting in the office

This is an actual real-time graph of the number of patients currently waiting in Dr. Pun / Dr. Lo's office over the last hour.

Be prepared to wait if there are many patients waiting.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT NEW PATIENTS (except for private vaccine sale and driver's examination).

We got the Shingrix shingles vaccine, Gardasil 9 and Truemba Meningitis B vaccine in stock.

OMRON BP764 BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR with BLUETOOTH.  $100 (tax included)... WITH OMRON APP ,  email your home BP results DIRECTLY TO DR. PUN

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Keep your medical records on you!

Dr. Pun will provide a USB thumb drive/SD card with all your medical records so you can take it to the specialist or hospital.   $40 (usb drive or SD card included).  This will provide more of your historical information for any specialists or emergency doctors so you can get better care!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SERVICES provided by Dr. Ian Pun, family physician

Dr. Pun's is an innovative caring medical practice that uses the latest technology.  Now developing artificial intelligence machine learning applications for medicine.

- Dr Pun leverages his background in IT computer science in being a caring family physician for 27 years.

- Electronic Medical Records (EMR) developed by McMaster University, Dr. Ian Pun is a contributor of this project and gives regular lectures to fellow physicians.  He also is consulted by major drug companies.

- Dr Pun has written computer algorithms to search for abnormal lab results.  He has detected early three prostate cancer patients in the last six months with his computer code.

- Lab results and Xray/ Hospital reports are received electronically directly into Dr. Pun's servers typically within hours or a couple of days. Dr. Pun will email these results to you with your consent. AND REASSURE YOU if NORMAL!  ABNORMAL RESULTS are dealt with immediately with more tests or specialist referral. Very few doctors provide this service.

- Medical conditions such as skin problems / infections are documented with digital photos stored in the EMR on Dr. PUN's private in-office servers.  Photos are private and only shared to referral physicians and medical teaching.  Dr Pun's teaches this technique to other physicians.

- For all of this medical data , Dr. Pun is developing a neural net system based on Google's Tensorflow program to train his computer to recognize and diagnose disease.  This is the birth of using artificial intelligence machine learning in medical applications.

- Fibroscanner ultrasound to detect liver fibrosis for hepatitis B , fatty liver, alcohol liver patients

- Office Web site shows number of patients waiting in office in real-time

- Stocks the latest vaccines to prevent diseases

- Uses most up to date scientifically based medications for treatment

- Involved in phase 4 research of certain medications.

- Dr. Pun has surgical equipment and experience to remove small skin cancers, moles and warts in office.

- Dr. Pun works at Bochner Eye Institute, monitoring cataract surgery patients (giving anesthesia needles and sedation) 2 x a week.

_ IF Dr. Pun is not available , his network of physicians Rouge Valley Family Health Organization will see you

This technology is not FUNDED by the government and relies on your support.

Please join Dr Pun's  $30 email support membership ($60 for family of four)!  This fee involves unlimited DIRECT emailing to Dr. Pun / Dr. Lo for one whole year for you to ask ANY questions and to book appointments.  With your request, you also e-mail your lab reports back to you once we get them, usually within a day.  Some prescriptions may be even renewed on-line. This is a non-OHIP insured service. Very few physicians offer this type of non-OHIP insured service.  It is NOT meant for emergencies as e-mails will not be answered if we are busy with patients (usually during office hours).  But outside of office hours, Dr. Pun will try to answer your e-mail immediately usually within a day. Please sign an email consent when you are in the office.

DOCTOR RECOMMENDED ADULT VACCINES available at Dr. Pun/Dr. Lo's office

Gardasil 9 vaccine for all women & males until age 27 -  prevents HPV viruses sex disease which causes cervical , anal , penile , oral pharyngeal  cancer

Meningitis B for ages 2 months - 25 years old

Meningitis ACYW vaccine for all students.

Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine (FREE) for all ages

Flushot for all ages (FREE)

Prevnar 13 prevents 13 types of pneumonia for all ages

Hepatitis A and B vaccines

E Coli Traveller's Diarrhea Vaccine

Typhoid fever Traveller's Vaccine

Shingles vaccines for ages 50 +

What patients Dr. Pun does not see?

- Dr. Pun does not treat patients with drug/narcotic addictions
- Dr. Pun does not treat chronic pain patients
- Dr. Pun does not do regular physiotherapy

Dr. Ian Pun gives lessons on OSCAR McMaster EMR electronic medical record system for physicians.

The next OSCAR mini conference meeting will be on Nov 29, 2018 at Don Mills Library If you are on Dr Pun's mailing list, I will try to inform you.

Go to Dr. Ian Pun youtube live page

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Patient waiting status

This is an actual real-time graph of the number of patients currently waiting in Dr. Pun / Dr. Lo's office over the last hour.

Be prepared to wait if there are many patients waiting.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT NEW PATIENTS (except for private vaccine sale and driver's examination).

Dr. Ian Pun / Dr. Christina Lo Family Practice Medical Office

TO BOOK APPOINTMENT - e-mail: OR call 416-848-7788 during office hours (please don't leave message!) Please book an appointment (walk-in's are only seen if there is free time)
address: 4040 Finch Ave E , Suite 302 (Finch and Kennedy , Scarborough)